‘Novorossiya’ to be a threat to Putin himself – Financial Times

A New Russia, or “Novorossiya,” which was devised by the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, will soon turn into a problem for Putin himself, as the Kremlin will sooner or later lose control over separatists, who it feeds with myths and unfulfilled promises, Britain’s Financial Times newspaper has reported, according to a Ukrinform correspondent.
“He [Putin] thinks he can do what other Russian leaders have done before – subdue his subjects by putting Russia in a state of permanent confrontation with the outside world. But the propaganda that plays endlessly on Russian television channels will not mesmerize them for long. Russian society will only accept short and victorious war. It is not prepared for bloodshed,” the newspaper wrote.
The author emphasizes that few are willing to die for Putin’s regime. “News that hundreds of Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine and their bodies secretly buried in Russia has already begun to undermining the patriotic mood. Soon, declining living standards will also begin to chafe, and Russians will start asking why they are suddenly so much worse off,” reads the article.
Already, 37% of Russians believe that the interests of individuals should trump the interests of the state. Putin is not the new Stalin. He cannot mobilize Russia for a Great Patriotic War, the author said.
“The irony is that Novorossiya will soon become a problem for the Russian president. The Kremlin will have to contend with heavily armed separatists, embittered by their failure to secure a stipend from Moscow, just as the tide of protest begins to rise at home,” the newspaper reported.
“Moscow will have to keep its heroes at arm’s length. Those who are bravely fighting for a ‘Russian world’ could quickly become a threat to Mr Putin if they were allowed into Russia proper. They are welcome in the motherland, but only in coffins,” reads the article.

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