Norway handed over 10,000 artillery shells to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Norway noted on January 4, 2023, that Norway transferred another 10,000 155 mm artillery shells to Ukraine.

Source: The Ministry of Defense of Norway

“Norway donates another 10,000 artillery shells to Ukraine. The material has been sent,” said the Ministry of Defense of Norway.

Artillery shells can be used in several types of artillery weapons, including M109 self-propelled howitzers, which Norway donated to Ukraine earlier.

“It is important for Europe’s and Norway’s security that Ukraine succeeds in standing up to Russia’s attack. Ukraine needs international support in the form of military equipment and training of its own forces. Norway has contributed heavily through 2022, and will continue to contribute to support Ukraine in 2023,” says the Minister of Defence of Norway.

The Norwegian Defense Minister stated that his department would check which weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be purchased directly from manufacturers.

“Ukraine needs support quickly, and we therefore continue to assess what we can donate from the structure of the Armed Forces. At the same time, we are investigating what we can acquire directly from the producer to donate further,” added the Minister of Defense of Norway Bjørn Arild Gram.

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