No light, water, food, fuel, salaries and Internet in Luhansk

The “activity” of terrorists put Luhansk on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe – there is no light, water, fuel, food, communications and the Internet.
This was reported by the press service of the Luhansk city council.
“Luhansk is in full blockade and isolation. Today, despite all the difficulties, we make maximum efforts and are looking for solutions to the problems. With each passing day, the situation is exacerbated and today it is really critical,” Mayor Serhiy Kravchenko said.
According to the official, the regional center remains without electricity for a few days, there is no supply of drinking water and tap water is not disinfected for more than a week. “Every effort is made to restore the supply of electricity, but emergency workers are afraid to work under the bullets and explosions of shells,” the mayor says.
The situation with the fuel is also critical. “There is no petrol, diesel fuel and gas. No deliveries, stocks have been exhausted,” Kravchenko said.
He added that the food spoiled due to the prolonged power outage. “There is no supply. The range of products decreases with each passing day. Shops are closed, queues and high demand for the products are observed in many retail stores,” the mayor said.
In addition, the official said, there is absence of transportation. “The minimum number of buses works in the streets due to lack of fuel. The rail service is not available. It is almost impossible to leave the city,” Kravchenko said.
According to him, the garbage “is a very big issue,” due to the falling shells on the territory of the communal enterprise Recycling Center, most of the company cars are damaged.
According to the mayor, people, who remained in the city and continue to provide its vital functions, have no means of livelihood. “There is no cash. The wages were received at least a month ago. Pensioners are left without a penny and are not able to buy the most basic supplies of food,” Kravchenko said.
According to the city council, for the last day several residential buildings, clinics and nurseries, as well as two boiler houses got under the artillery fire, buildings were partially damaged. The pipeline is damaged and more than 4,000 residents are without gas supply.
Furthermore, due to hit of six shells, the Luhansk railway hospital was destroyed. “Details of the incident are specified,” a statement reads.
02.08.2014 15:16

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