Netherlands views Russia as threat to Europe

Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans believes that the Russian policy towards Ukraine can be applied in other countries, and it poses a threat to the whole of Europe.
He wrote this on his Facebook page.
“The approach that Russia applies to Ukraine leads to a violent armed confrontation in eastern Ukraine and has serious international implications. This is an approach that Russia could apply to other neighboring European countries, with which it will have a difference of opinion, if there is no adequate response. The approach, posing a threat to European and international security,” Timmermans wrote.
According to him, the Netherlands considers it extremely important to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin that such policy is contrary to the interests of all, including Russia. “So far, it seems that President Putin has not only rejected such an approach, but also continues to take further steps to implement it,” Timmermans said.
He noted that until Russia gives up the actions that pose a threat to the world, the United States and the EU have no other option but to adopt sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that they can also affect the Western countries.
“Only in unity and perseverance, we can make Russia be on a different path. The path, which is based on the universally accepted principle of international law of states to decide their own future, under which other countries have no right to impose their will, seizing territory and sparking conflicts,” Timmermans said.

08.08.2014 16:31

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