Negotiations with Russia are possible only after the withdrawal of all its troops from Ukraine, – UK Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson believes that negotiations with Russia can take place only if its troops are completely withdrawn from Ukraine.

Source: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“We will continue to provide military equipment and training, which may be necessary for you – the Ukrainian people, the Armed Forces of Ukraine – to be able to do what I think Ukrainians want to do – expel the aggressor from Ukraine. And this will be the moment for future negotiations, “Johnson said.

He added that after the liberation of Ukrainian territory, Britain and other partners would approve security assurances and guarantees for Ukraine.

“And we will work, together with you and with our partners, to rebuild your wonderful country for the benefit of Ukrainians and, I might say, for the benefit of the whole global economy,” Johnson concluded.

On June 17, Boris Johnson has made a second surprise visit to Kyiv since the Russian invasion.

Following the talks, Boris Johnson offered Volodymyr Zelenskyy a large-scale training program for the Ukrainian military on British territory.

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