NBU cuts official exchange rate to UAH 25.11 to dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine on Monday evening lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate by seven kopiykas, bringing the national currency to UAH 25.11 to the dollar.

The Central Bank set the following official exchange rates of the hryvnia against leading foreign currencies for August 16:

$100 costs UAH 2,511.5141 (on August 15, it was UAH 2,504.4197);

EUR 100 costs UAH 2,807.8728 (on August 15, it was UAH 2,794.4315);

10 RUB costs UAH 3.9116 (on August 15, it was UAH 3.8927).

On Monday, August 15, hryvnia quotations against the dollar on the interbank currency market by the close of trade settled at UAH 25.00/25.05 to the dollar.

Hryvnia quotes against the euro settled at UAH 27.9980/28.0770, while those against the Russian ruble settled at UAH 0.3890/0.3910.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the weighted average exchange rate of the hryvnia as of 17:00 was UAH 25.1151 to the dollar, with 517 deals concluded by this time worth a total of $401.57 million.

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