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NATO to support Ukraine despite Russian criticism – Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that criticism of NATO by Russia for its supporting Ukraine has no grounds, as every independent country has the right to ask for the Alliance`s support, according to the news portal Evropeiska Pravda.

”Russia criticizes our support of Ukraine. But Ukraine is an independent state, and it has asked for support. This is the absolute legal right of every country to request support and get it. Therefore, there is no reason to criticize it for our support of the democratic government,” Stoltenberg said, Evropeiska Pravda wrote.

He recalled that NATO supports Ukraine via a number of trust funds in the spheres of logistics, management, and defense sector reforms.

”We have established the Ukraine-NATO commission, which is a platform for our practical and political cooperation. But, of course, always one can do more. We work with the Ukrainians on what other support we can provide – political and practical,” he added.

Stoltenberg added that one of the largest achievements of the Warsaw Summit was the fact that NATO had agreed upon a policy towards Russia, which is based on military reinforcements, but also includes political dialogue.

”In my opinion, there are no contradictions between strengthening the defense and conducting a dialogue. On the contrary, when we are confident in our deterrent forces, in our defense, then we can hold a political dialogue with Russia. We should conduct the dialogue with Russia, as it remains our largest neighbor and [we need] to avoid incidents similar to those in Turkey,” he said.


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