National Guard: Russians attack from trucks with white flags and inscriptions “Children”

National Guard soldiers repelled three attacks yesterday night by causing serious losses to the enemy. During the first attack, Russian military and terrorists cunningly attacked a roadblock of the National Guard – from the trucks with white flags and inscriptions “Children.”
The press service of the National Guard of Ukraine informs.
“An attack of the Russian military and terrorists started in the area of the settlement Rozdolne near a bridge on the Kalmius River. Four trucks came to the roadblock with white flags and inscriptions “Children,” armed people jumped from the trucks and opened fire on the Ukrainian military. A massive hard battle began,” a statement reads.
But, despite the cunning attack, as a result of the coordinated and professional counter attack, the National Guard forces managed to repel the enemy, who retreated from the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. “The attackers have severe losses of manpower and equipment. As a result, four trucks of terrorists were neutralized,” the National Guard added.
In general, over a yesterday night, in the area of settlements of Rozdolne, Vasylivka and Starolaspa there were hard battles of the National Guard units with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and terrorists.
The first brigade of the operational purpose of the National Guard of Ukraine was bombarded by the enemy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems Grad. Ukrainian soldiers valiantly repulsed three enemy attacks. During the battle one soldier died and nine soldiers were wounded.

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