MPs support ‘inevitability of punishment’ for terrorism

Ukrainian MPs have passed a law that envisages the inevitability of punishment for corruption and terrorist financing.
A total of 253 MPs voted for law No. 4448a at the third attempt.
The draft law was prepared to ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment in cases when the suspect (defendant), being outside Ukraine, is hiding from the investigation and trial, refraining from criminal liability, as well as to improve the efficiency of investigation of certain crimes against Ukraine’s national security and public safety and ensure confiscation of property for their commission.
The bill also proposes foreseeing additional punishment in the form of confiscation of property for crimes against Ukraine’s national security, crimes related to terrorist activity, and some other crimes against public safety.
A special pre-trial investigation will be carried out on the basis of an investigating judge’s decision and court proceedings on the basis of a court ruling.

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