More than 1,000 instructors from Britain and New Zealand continue to train Ukrainian artillerymen

Artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their training at various military facilities in Great Britain.

Source: Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

According to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the artillery training of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues.

Instructors from the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and the Defense Forces of New Zealand teach Ukrainians how to use Western-style artillery on the battlefield.

In total, more than a thousand instructors from the 11th Security Forces Assistance Brigade, which specializes in training to build the military potential of allies and partners, have been involved.

Ukrainian soldiers were provided with assault rifles, issued helmets and body armor, uniforms and field equipment for combat operations on the front lines.

It is known that the military of the United Kingdom trained 22,000 Ukrainians as part of the ORBITAL operation from 2015 to 2022.

The new program will build on this success and demonstrate the UK’s continued leadership in responding to Ukraine’s military requirements as the war evolves.

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