More than 100 Ukrainian law enforcers in captivity – Poroshenko

More than 100 Ukrainian law enforcers are still in the terrorist captivity.
President Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting with 25 Ukrainian military, released from captivity in Donetsk region.
“We in any case will not stop fighting for the liberation of our people, because each of them is Ukrainian and each of them should be free … Ukrainians want peace. We will help everyone who wants peace,” Poroshenko said, who was quoted by his press office.
The military thanked the President and all the people involved in their release from captivity. Freed from captivity military Oleksandr Chernyshov, who spent 17 days in captivity, said: “We are most grateful to the state for remembering about us, we were not forgotten and received help, although there was no hope.”
15.08.2014 17:00

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