Mobilized Zakarpattia reservists will be trained for ATO at home

Mobilized Zakarpattia residents will undergo training at military units on the territory of their region.
Military Commissar of the Zakarpattia Regional Military Commissariat Colonel Ivan Vasiltsiun told a press conference in Uzhgorod, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“All military commissariats of the region got an instruction about the start of the third stage of mobilization and the tasks were set on its holding. Residents of Zakarpattia region will be mobilized only to those military units, which are dislocated in the region. Nobody will be sent to the ATO zone without undergoing a respective training,” Colonel Vasiltsiun noted.
Military commissariats have already started the first stage of partial mobilization: notification of people, who must come to military commissariats for medical examination.
The officer noted that some mass media publish untruthful information that disorientates the reservists and their families.
“18-year men are not eligible for mobilization. In addition, men are not subject to mobilization, who have three and more minors, disabled children, bring up one or more children by themselves,” Colonel Vasiltsiun noted.
As reported by Ukrinform, in the village of Rakoshyno, Mukachiv district, relatives of reservists, among whom mainly women and children, blocked the transport movement on the highway Kyiv-Chop. They wrote a collective letter to the Chairman of the Zakarpattia regional state administration, regional military commissar, as well as deputies of the regional council. Its essence is as follows: “Cancellation of mobilization for men who have no experience of military service during the conduct of hostilities and have no appropriate skills for this.”
29.07.2014 12:16

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