Militants shelling Russians and from time to time – one another

Donbas militants fire at the bases of deployment of the Russian army units and arrange shootouts between themselves.
Coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk says.
“Skirmishes continue between different militant groups, as well as attacks at units of the Russian Federation army. Similar cases have been registered in the area of Donetsk (settlement of Frunze, the area of the Russian troops’ base), Dokuchayevsk, Krasny Luch (between local militants and Russian Cossacks). During the shootings heavy weapons are used,” a statement reads.
Also, according to the Information Resistance group, in Donetsk, in addition to the units of the Russian armed forces and the “DPR” armed groups, activities of militant groups Kalmius and the Donetsk Orthodox Army are noted. The interaction between them is adjusted at an extremely low level.
Conflicts between various groups are fixed.

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