Militants in turmoil: rears are empty, no support of people

The terrorists have lost support of ordinary people in Donbas. Mobilization resources of bandits are completely exhausted after a raid on identification and elimination of militants in the ATO area ?? by the units of the 95th Airmobile Brigade.
The ATO press center reported with reference to a source, close to the bandit with the callsign “Chechen.”
According to the militants, their rears are empty.
As reported by the press center, as a result of the raid, our paratroopers destroyed three roadblocks of mercenaries, equipment and manpower, many of whom are Russian “Cossacks.” The length of the raid was 470 kilometers, 170 of which – in the enemy rear.
Now, soldiers of the 95th Airmobile Brigade returned to the places of their permanent location.
12.08.2014 10:12

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