Militants destroy gas pipeline through shelling in Donetsk

On the night of August 19-20, volleys of heavy guns were heard around Donetsk, and in the morning, a house and a pipeline were destroyed by a shell.
The Donetsk City Council informs.
“A morning in the city commenced with shelling. From the direct hit of a projectile, house No.36 was destroyed and a gas pipeline in Arhunovy Street at the intersection with Partisan Avenue. The emergency crew of the PJSC Donetskmiskgas went to the site. As of 10.00 a.m., the situation in the city remained tense,” a statement reads.
Public transport operates in the city, as well as communal service companies and a repair and recovery teams.
It is reported that on August 19, energy supply was renewed to the Verkhniokalmiuska filter station. Work is underway to launch the station equipment.

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