Militants continue receiving Grad rocket launchers and howitzers from Russia

Terrorists in Donbas continue receiving Grad rocket launchers and howitzers from Russia.
Head of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk wrote about this on Facebook.
“In the area of the settlement Olhinka, Dokuchayevsk, Novotroyitsk continues concentration of the impact task force of the Russian-terrorist forces. The following arms were received over four recent days: four MLRS BM-21 Grad and two six-gun battery howitzers D-30. Also, arrival of the automated control artillery fire system 1V12-3 Machine-M was fixed, and the Russian mobile command observation post 1V126 Kapustnik-B,” Tymchuk wrote.
According to him, also delivery of the batches of lubricants is going on from the territory of Russia. Over the past day, 10 fuel tankers arrived in Donbas. Most of them are aimed to Donetsk region.
In addition, in the settlement of Shakhtarsk, accumulation of the Russian regular army units and technology is observed. All wounded local militants were taken from the local hospital in an unknown direction.

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