Militants attack stronghold of security forces near Ilovaisk

Terrorists not only continue firing positions of the ATO forces, but attack them with support of the tanks.
Coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk told on his Facebook page.
“The militants supported by two tanks and infantry fighting vehicles attacked the stronghold near Ilovaisk. The attack was repelled,” the expert said.
In addition, according to live data from the Information Resistance, in the area of the Verkhunsky Junction (Luhansk) the AGS-17 platoon shelled the stronghold of the ATO forces. Militants fired on positions of security forces with the BM-21 Grad rocket launcher in the area of ??the settlement Vesela Hora and Ilovaisk.
The stronghold near the Stanytsia Luhanska was twice shelled with mortars.

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