MFA urges Russia ‘to refrain from humanitarian convoys’ to Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement regarding Russia’s attempts to organize so called humanitarian convoy to Ukraine.
“Bearing in mind numerous violations by the Russian Federation of the state border regime of Ukraine and continued illegal supply of weapons, armored vehicles and mercenaries from Russia, Ukraine has solid grounds for concerns that the convoy may trigger further escalation and lead to deterioration of the situation for the people in Donbas,” the document reads.
The ministry noted that upon Ukraine’s requests the international partners have already agreed to provide the Government of Ukraine with the assistance and support in addressing the urgent humanitarian needs and rebuilding of Donbas. The Inter-Agency Coordination Committee comprised of representatives of the Ukrainian Government, the UN Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross is successfully operating in Ukraine.
“We would like to remind the Russian side that under the international law a request from Ukraine as the host state is needed for humanitarian aid to be provided. The list of humanitarian aid items needs to be agreed with the Ukrainian authorities, and their delivery to Ukraine must be arranged via the channels of the United Nations or International Committee of the Red Cross. Besides, any delivery of humanitarian aid to the areas that are under temporary control of terrorists would be possible only if agreed by the Tripartite Contact Group with the actors on the ground. This position is fully shared by the international community and was re-confirmed at today’s meeting of the UN Security Council,” the statement reads.
The Ukrainian foreign policy agency urged the Russian Federation to refrain from any attempt to send humanitarian convoys to Ukraine without complying with the conditions above.

09.08.2014 14:27

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