Merkel still wants to negotiate with Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands for the continuation of negotiations on Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deutsche Welle reported.
“I try to make sure that, in spite of the sanctions, we do not to lose the thread of conversation with the Russian president,” Merkel said in an interview with the German edition Sachsische Zeitung.
The chancellor noted that she always stood for constructive cooperation with Moscow and is ready to continue it in the future.
However, Merkel made it ??clear that she does not recognize Russia’s actions committed in relation to Ukraine. “Respect for the territorial independence of states, and the impossibility of changing the borders unilaterally – this is the main European agreement,” Merkel said, adding that after the annexation of Crimea Putin went against these principles.
Ukraine should be able individually, freely and democratically to make decisions about its constitution, policies, as well as the degree of independence of the eastern regions, Merkel believes. “Russia should recognize it,” she added.

13.08.2014 09:39

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