Merkel hopes Kyiv, Moscow will agree on gas supply

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she hopes that Russia and Ukraine, through the mediation of the European Commission, will still reach agreement on the issue of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine this winter.
She said this at a press conference in Berlin on Thursday after a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, Ukrinform’s correspondent in Germany reported.
“As for the gas, I hope that European [Energy] Commissioner [Gunther] Oettinger will still manage to find a solution that gives security to us and Ukraine, in particular for the coming months,” she said.
The chancellor said that the parties were “working intensely” on this issue. “I would say that I’m looking at this issue with cautious optimism,” she added.
However, she expressed doubt that in other issues Kyiv and Moscow, as well as Russia and the West, would be able to quickly find a solution to the existing problems.
“I do not believe that the serious problems between Russia and Ukraine, and thus also between us and Russia, will suddenly be resolved,” the politician said.

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