MEP Brok: Russian authorities defy international sanctions

The bravado, behind which Russian politicians hide the seriousness of third wave of sanctions on the economy of the Russian Federation, is designed for “domestic consumption” and cannot mislead the thinking people.
MEP with almost 35 years of experience, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Elmar Brok, said this in an interview with the TSN.
“The situation is already dramatic. Such assurances are made for domestic consumption to appease the people. We know from conversations with responsible people from Russia that sanctions hit the country, and further economic development in Russia is impossible. For example, in some cases in Russia they will not be able to produce oil, because they do not have the required technical equipment. For we see capital outflows from Russia. This is dramatic consequences for the Russian economy,” Brok said.
He confirmed that the imposition of such sanctions after escalation of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, it became difficult for the European countries, but the fundamental choice.
“Germany is ready to suffer serious economic consequences for the industry. It is about 25,000-100,000 jobs, which are now put at risk. Britain will also be difficult. For many countries [of the European Union – ed.] sanctions will turn into a boomerang. But we agreed that international law must act,” the German politician emphasized.
Brok noted that this is a choice of all Europeans who consider Putin’s policy unacceptable.
“When I talk to an engineer in my constituency, who lost due to sanctions many orders, of course, he is not happy. But more and more people realize that we have to live with the consequences. Even the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, which was against sanctions, changed its position. The downed Malaysian Boeing became a big emotional turning point. People realized that this policy of Putin, who despises people, is unacceptable,” Brok concluded.

06.08.2014 12:06

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