Media: Poroshenko speaks with Putin by phone for one-and-a-half hours

Russian President Vladimir Putin, with his operation “Humanitarian convoy,” is conducting reconnaissance, learning how the Ukrainian side will behave, journalist Serhiy Rakhmanin has reported on the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Mirror Weekly) online newspaper.
“The Kremlin is testing the boundaries of acceptable. Try, give up. Try not to let our convoy in… Your actions? Will you shoot? Try,” he wrote, suggesting one version.
“The Kremlin hopes that a similar, not hybrid, but absolutely frank rudeness will increase our compliancy and indulgence of the West, which, as before, does not fully believe our firmness and does not want a full-scale war,” the journalist said.
He noted that Ukrainian and Russian Presidents Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin had been in regular contact.
“It’s hard to judge about the regularity of such contact, but the report that a week ago the two presidents had a one-and-a-half phone conversation has been confirmed by two sources,” Rakhmanin said.
16.08.2014 12:56

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