Media: German drones not to survive Ukrainian winter

German drones that can be used as part of the work of the OSCE monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine cannot withstand temperatures as low as minus 19 degrees Celsius. Therefore, their use in Ukraine in winter could be thrown into question, German newspaper Bild reported on Friday.
“It’s difficult to use in winter the German Luna-type drones that were offered for the OSCE mission in eastern Ukraine. The equipment may freeze at temperatures lower than minus 19 degrees Celsius,” the newspaper wrote, referring to the data of the German armed forces.
The report says that since winter temperatures at an altitude of the flight of drones of 3,000-5,000 meters are often lower than minus 19 degrees Celsius, the use of this technology will unlikely make sense.
As reported, last week, Germany and France passed joint proposals to the OSCE to support the monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine, including with the use of drones and the sending of accompanying army personnel.

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