Russian-occupied Mariupol is threatened the spread of cholera, – Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine

There is a risk of cholera spreading in Russian-occupied Mariupol.

Source: Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin

He also stressed that there are high risks of spreading infectious diseases in the occupied territories due to mass burials, warm weather and lack of access to drinking water.

“If we talk about whether there is a risk of spreading diseases such as cholera in Mariupol, then, of course, it is. We know that in the territory of Mariupol cholera outbreaks have been recorded in the past, so our main focus is not to allow it to happen again.”

“People who live near mass graves have to be particularly careful when using water from wells and water mains; such water must undergo thermal treatment,” Kuzin added.

Kuzin also said that since June 1, epidemiological surveillance of all cases with symptoms of cholera was intensified.

He noted that the health care system of Ukraine is ready for cholera outbreaks and has a sufficient supply of medicines.

“The current medical response system will be able to detect cholera if it occurs in Ukraine. Accordingly, the localization response system will be launched quickly.”

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