Makarevich visits Donbas, gives concert for refugees

Famous Russian singer Andrei Makarevich visited Donbas. He traveled to destroyed towns and villages and talked to their residents, and then in Sviatohorsk gave a charity concert for refugees from the combat zone.
It is reported by the TSN.
When asked why he decided to go to Donbas, Makarevich said he has long wanted to make this trip because, according to him, the only information you can trust is what you see with your own eyes, as Russian media is biased highlighting events in Ukraine.
In Sloviansk, in the central square, Makarevich communicated with the locals, then visited the village of Semenivka that is most affected by the fighting. Makarevich said that his heart ached at what he saw: dilapidated houses and a blown up road bridge.
Then Andrei Makarevich gave a concert in the hotel “Pearl of Donetsk” in Sviatohorsk, where the refugees from the ATO area stay. Along with him, Ukrainian artists performed in the concert.
To remind, Makarevich condemned the Russian media stories about Ukrainian soldiers, who are allegedly “trading in organs.”
13.08.2014 11:09

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