Luhansk region without electricity, water due to actions of militants

The whole of Luhansk region remained without electricity on Wednesday evening due to combat actions between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the 32nd detached Cossack unit of the so-called “Don Army,” headed by Dremov. The power line was ruined in the area of Batkhmivka.
Head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal wrote on his official website.
“Due to the emergency protection, two power generating units were disabled at the thermal power plant in the settlement of Shchastia (28 km from the site of injury), so the whole of Luhansk region – both, controlled by Ukraine and controlled by the “LPR” – remained without electricity. Mobile communication and the Internet also disappeared and water supply was suspended too,” Moskal said.
Due to operational actions of the DTEK employees, who serve the TPP in the settlement of Shchastia, in a few hours, it was managed to launch the second power generating unit and to switch over one line to Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and a part of Luhansk region.
The rest of the region is still without electricity, which will be restored soon.
“We were surprised by the Ukrenergo position, which gave an instruction to the team to primarily restore electricity on the territory, controlled by the “LPR,” Moskal said.
Militants repeatedly left towns without electricity before. Recently, Stanytsia, Luhansk region, was left without electricity and a part of the district – after repairs electricity was supplied only during one day there.
Maintenance crews cannot restore the damaged power lines near Bahmutivka because of active hostilities. In recent times, workers of power companies often fall under fire of militants during reconstruction works. Four of them were killed and three seriously wounded.

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