Latvia has banned the symbols of Russia’s military aggression

On Thursday, the Latvian Seimas supported an amendment to a law banning the use of symbols glorifying Russian military aggression or war crimes at public events.

Source: the Seimas of Latvia

“On Thursday, March 31, the Saeima upheld in the second and final reading the amendments to the Law on the Security of Mass Spectacles and Celebrations, which are recognized as urgent. They prohibit the use of symbols at public events in a style that is identified with military aggression and war crimes, except in cases when there is no purpose to justify or glorify these crimes.”

“While condemning Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, we must stand firm on the fact that symbols glorifying Russian military aggression, such as the letters ‘Z’, ‘V’ or other symbols used for this purpose, are unacceptable at public events.”

The law also prohibits propaganda, glorification of events containing the ideology of the Nazi and communist regimes.

The new amendments also provide that the organizer of an event will not be permitted to hold it if it is held closer than 200 meters from any monument glorifying the victory and memory of the Soviet army or its soldiers in Latvia.

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