Kyiv sends 240 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Luhansk

19 trucks with 240 tonnes of humanitarian aid were sent from Kyiv for Luhansk residents.
Infrastructure Minister Maksym Burbak said when a column of Ukrainian trucks was sent from the Boryspil highway, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“240 tonnes of aid are sent from Kyiv – this is mainly flour, cereals and sugar. From Kharkiv necessities and personal care items are sent, as well as two trucks of medicines,” he said.
According to Burbak, humanitarian aid will be sent to Luhansk, where it will be handed over to Red Cross representatives, which will distribute the goods among residents of settlements.
The Infrastructure Minister also noted that the humanitarian aid includes both, goods purchased for budget money and those gathered by charitable organizations. “We will report on this later,” he said.
Burbak assured that one should not worry about the safety of truck drivers, because they will be accompanied by representatives of the State Emergency Service and the traffic police. “The drivers initially feared, but we explained that the column will be accompanied by the State Emergency Service and two automobiles of the State Road Inspection and by the chief of the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on land transport security – i.e. everything is safe,” the Minister summed up.
14.08.2014 12:55

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