Kyiv region received 105 units of energy equipment from 6 European countries

The Energy Minister of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko noted on January 23, 2023, that the Kyiv region received 105 units of energy equipment with a total weight of 90 tons from six European countries, which came as humanitarian aid.

Source: The Energy Minister of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko

“Today [on January 23, 2033 – ed.] we received another batch of aid to restore energy supply. This is the equipment of a different class, which will help to eliminate heavy damage to this energy facility, which was caused by Russian missile strikes,” emphasized the Energy Minister of Ukraine during a visit to one of the energy facilities of the Kyiv region.

It is noted that on January 23, Polish Ambassador Bartosz Cihotski, Austrian Ambassador Arad Benkö, charge d’affaires of the Netherlands Esselien van Eerten, as well as representatives of the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, Lithuania, and South Korea visited the energy facility in the Kyiv region together with Herman Halushchenko.

The transferred cargo includes, in particular, transformers, backup power plants, surge arresters, and gas circuit breakers.

The partner countries are convinced that international coordination should be strengthened in order to transfer the necessary equipment to Ukraine.

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