Kremlin, wanting to prevent West from identifying terrorists, invents “genocide” in Donbas

A statement of the Investigative Committee of Russia on opening of a criminal case against the Ukrainian authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine concerning the so-called “genocide of the Russian-speaking population in Donetsk and Luhansk regions” is an attempt of the Kremlin to seize the initiative from the West, regarding the qualifications of real terrorists.
French expert on geopolitics, ICN Business School Professor Alexandre Melnik expressed this opinion in comments to a Ukrinform correspondent.
“In this case, it is an attempt to seize the initiative on legal grounds, using inertia and doubts of the West to qualify the “DPR” and the “LPR” groups as “terrorist organizations,” the expert said.
In his opinion, the statement of the Russian investigators are a part of the growing spiral of lies, produced by the Kremlin propaganda as a “business plan” that aims to destabilize Ukraine before the elections on October 26. “It also shows that despite the highly conditional “truce” on the front lines, a flywheel of the Russian propaganda continues to operate at full power in the “hybrid war,” using a wide arsenal of methods of pressure and slander,” Melnik said.
The French expert warned Ukrainians and the international community and advises to prepare for countering new ideological provocations from Moscow, which by “swinging” the term of “genocide” completely unreasonably and contrary to the facts, in fact, treacherously calls into question the whole system of international law. “This is another illustration of the legal nihilism against the backdrop of the growing expansion of the Kremlin on Ukraine, and in a broader perspective – on the post-Soviet area, under the pretext of extending the “Russian world,” the French Professor concluded.

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