The Kremlin will not take into account the Russians who oppose the war with Ukraine

The Kremlin considers it an “absolutely indisputable fact” that the vast majority of Russians support Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, and the opinion of the “minority” is ignored

Source: Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

Direct speech: “The vast majority of citizens, more than 75% support the operation, support the actions of the President of Russia. This is an absolutely indisputable fact. You see that there is a very active explanation of the goals and objectives of this operation, the reasons for this operation, and we hope that those who disagree will understand what is happening. “

According to Kremlin Press Secretary, Russians who disagree are “explained the purpose and causes of hostilities.”

On the question of whether the Kremlin hears the views of tens of millions of Russians who are against the war, the Press Secretary said: “They are heard. But still, a minority is a minority.”

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