Korea, the Netherlands and Japan handed over 10 tons of energy equipment to Ukraine

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine reported on March 11, 2023, that ​​​​​​​​Ukrhydroenergo (a state company of Ukraine that administers a cascade of major hydro power plants along Dnipro and Dnister rivers) received 10 tons of humanitarian aid from Korea, the Netherlands and Japan.

Source: The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko

“The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine handed over to Ukrhydroenergo another batch of humanitarian aid in the form of energy equipment weighing about 10 tons. The equipment includes generators and disconnectors sent to Ukraine by Japan, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea,” explained the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

According to Herman Halushchenko, in total, during the war, Ukrhydroenergo received more than 131 tons of energy equipment provided to the Ministry of Energy by international partners.

“Thanks to international support, we will stabilize the operation of the energy system and will continue to strengthen it and make it more sustainable,” noted the Energy Minister of Ukraine.

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