Komorowski: Sanctions against Russia will be cancelled when Crimea returns to Ukraine

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski is convinced that a condition for lifting of sanctions against Russia is the return of Crimea to Ukraine.
He stated this in an interview with Rzeczpospolita .
“The entire Western world has identified so,” Komorowski said, answering a question whether a condition for the lifting of sanctions against Moscow will be that Russia leaves Crimea.
According to the Polish President, the current sanctions against Russia bring a “moderate, but positive result.” “The policy of sanctions has strengthened Ukrainians,” he stressed.
Komorowski also said that Russia has failed to implement a plan to capture all of eastern Ukraine. “They managed it in Donbas, but in Kharkiv, Odesa and other cities have not,” the head of the Polish state said.
According to him, now it is necessary to keep the common position of the EU on Ukraine, which in the near future “can be tested for strength.”

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