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Klimkin: If we lose this war, world to return to Middle Ages

If Ukraine will lose the war, the world will return to the orders of the Middle Ages.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said this in an interview with Bild newspaper.
According to him, Ukraine is currently fighting not only for its own “existence, but also for the preservation of the world in the form which is known to us today.”
“If we lose this battle, we all go back to the Middle Ages,” he said.
Klimkin said that Russian aggression may affect not only Ukraine, but also the current world order, which sets the rules for peaceful coexistence in most regions of the planet.
“If Russia is able to eliminate the international law and introduce the first law, it will affect all of us,” he added.
According to him, “the whole civilized world must act decisively and finally make Russia influence terrorists and stop supplying them with weapons.” He once again called for “early and full implementation of the Minsk agreements.”
Klimkin also called on the West to provide Kiev with more financial and military aid.
“We require not only understanding, but more support, both financial and military, from our Western partners,” he said.
Considering the shelling of Mariupol, Klimkin pointed to the “incontrovertible responsibility of Moscow,” that supplies weapons to terrorists and provides them with military training.

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