Kiselyov leaks: Russia`s controversial chief propagandist`s mail hacked

Email and WhatsApp accounts reportedly belonging to Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia`s controversial chief propagandist, were hacked on April 29 and the Anonymous International group put the data array up for sale at a starting price of 33 Bitcoins, which is a little less than $15,000, according to The Insider Russia.
Some fragments of the array were made public, revealing interesting details of the life of the Kremlin`s chief propagandist. In particular, the correspondence allows readers to estimate the level of the Russian TV host`s incomes and learn about his desperate struggle for the lifting of Western sanctions against him and who advises him in the preparation of materials, The Insider wrote in the article titled ”Dmitry Kiselyov`s Anatomy. What Hacked Emails Tell about the TV Host,” published on Saturday, April 30.
In particular, the article says that the propagandist`s salary was enough to buy a 204-square-meter apartment worth $4.6 million in the center of Moscow in 2014.
He also owns a holiday villa and a winery in the resort town of Koktebel in the Russian-annexed Crimea. The villa has got an elevator and a swimming pool. It offers a picturesque view of Koktebel Bay.
As one can read from Kiselyov`s emails, he bought a motor boat from the United States for his Crimean vacations, and its price was about $49,000. The seller seemed to be surprised that the buyer was from Russia, as he has seldom dealt with Russian customers.
Although Kiselyov feels good in Russia and Crimea, he doesn`t cease attempts to find ways to visit the West where he used to regularly spend his holidays.
Thus, according to his emails, he attempted to hire expensive European lawyers to press for rolling back the sanctions against him.

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