Kerry hopes world can find way for Ukraine’s cooperation with Russia

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is hopeful that the international community will in the next few weeks find a way for Kyiv to be able to cooperate with Moscow on humanitarian assistance, the investigation into the Malaysian Boeing crash and political settlement in eastern Ukraine.
He said this in Sydney on Tuesday at a joint press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Reuters reported.
“Our hope is that in the next days and weeks, we can find a way for (Ukrainian) President Poroshenko and Ukraine to be able to work with the Russians to provide the humanitarian assistance necessary in the east, to facilitate the thoroughness of the investigation to begin to bring the separatists – to the degree that they are Ukrainian – into the political process and for those that are not Ukrainian, they need to leave the country,” Kerry said.
He also expressed hope that the crisis in Ukraine could be resolved through the diplomatic process and stressed the need “to be cautious and strong at the same time and our responses clear about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.”
Bishop, in turn, said that “any intervention by Russia into Ukraine under the guise of a humanitarian crisis would be seen for the transparent artifice that it is and Australia would condemn in the strongest possible terms any effort by Russia to enter the Ukraine under the guise of carrying out some sort of humanitarian mission.”

12.08.2014 11:37

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