Kazakhstan gives consent to host next tripartite meeting on Ukraine

Next meeting, aimed at settlement of the situation in Ukraine in the format EU-Ukraine-Eurasian Troyka may be held in Kazakhstan, as requested by the European Union.
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev told a briefing by results of a meeting in Minsk Tuesday, the official website of the President of Kazakhstan informs.
“Perhaps, next meeting will be held in Kazakhstan, on a request from the European Union. We gave our appropriate consent,” he said.
Nazarbayev paid attention to importance of the agreement on continuation of similar meetings and the stepwise settlement of problems.
“In any case, any negotiations are better than conflicts. Our participation in this meeting has its meaning, there is trust to Kazakhstan from this and other side. We are objective, we wish peace, as well as achievement of agreements between Russia and Ukraine, helping in arrangement of cooperation and mutual understanding between them,” the President of Kazakhstan said.

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