Justice Ministry says lustration of judges failed by MPs

The law on return of confidence in the judicial system does not work as the parliament approved a “light version” of this document.
This opinion was expressed by Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko at a press conference, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“The Justice Ministry by submitting the bill to the parliament provided a full re-certification of the judicial system, but the people’s deputies adopted a light version of the document,” he said.
Finally, Petrenko said, none of the bodies, which had to check the judges, works. “Neither the High Council of Justice nor the High Qualification Commission of Judges,” the Justice Minister said.
According to him, the situation has emerged “when the judges, who took decisions against Ukrainians during the revolution, are all on their posts.”
Petrenko believes that without a complete law on lustration it is impossible to reform the national police, judges and prosecutors. “This is a painful procedure, but it should be passed. Moreover, there is the political will for this now,” the Minister summed up.
29.07.2014 18:04

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