Jumping queue may cost freedom: ATO forces detain not-so-smart militant leader

Ukrainian border guards one of the most violent militants from the ”Luhansk People`s Republic” terrorist organization (call sign ”Yakut”) due to an announcement they made at a crossing checkpoint ”just for laughs,” Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov has told in an interview with Echo Moskvy FM, according to TV Channel 5.
In an interview dedicated to a potential threat the militants from among Russian citizens who are coming back to Russia from Donbas, Alexander Nevzorov described very critically the image of the typical participants of Russian occupation, reads the report.
The journalist recalled a story of the arrest of ”Yakut” – one of the ”most cruel, stupid, and merciless leaders of terrorists in Donbas.” [The Ukrainians] caught him in a very funny way, according to Nevzorov. On the border between the terrorist-controlled territory and the government-controlled area the Ukrainian border guards hung posters, just for laughs, saying that the ”LPR” fighters that visited Ukraine on a special mission, can skip the line (which is usually long enough). And, naturally, ”Yakut” fell for it and was immediately arrested by the Ukrainian border guards,” Nevzorov said.
As reported earlier, the fact of the detention of a militant scout who was on a subversive mission, call sign ”Yakut” went public on April 30, but no details were disclosed at the moment of publication.

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