Journalist on two female hostages released by Russian militants: ”One of them fell in love with DPR terrorist”

As the terrorist-affiliated websites reported earlier today on the handover to the Ukrainian side of two female, a Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov commented on this episode.

”Who are these `prisoners`? Maybe they are some SBU agents or AFU snipers? Maybe they had been captured on the battlefield?” he wrote on Facebook.

As it turned out, one of them was an ordinary woman who had fallen in love with a man living in the occupied territory.

”He invited her to live together, but then decided to get rid of her, accused her of collaborating with Ukraine, so she was thrown into the basement,” said Butusov.

Another ”prisoner” is a judge from Mariupol.

According to the journalist, neither of these women were included in the prisoner exchange list – they were both hostages captured with no particular reasons.

In turn, Ukraine will ”voluntarily” hand over to militants as many as 15 people at once from the exchange list. All of them are either under investigation in Ukraine, or have already seen their verdicts

”We are handing over six women and nine men, who, unlike the two hostages, were on the exchange lists. Ukraine never takes hostages – it`s the actual terrorists we are handing over, as well as mercenaries, spies and their collaborators, who are subject of the enemy interest,” Butusov wrote.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the ”DPR” terrorists in the morning of Tuesday, December 27, handed over to the Head of the Ukrainian Center for the Hostage Release ”Officer Corps”, Vladimir Ruban, two captive women.

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