Joe Biden announced a new program for Ukrainian refugees in the United States

US President Joseph Biden announced a new program “Uniting for Ukraine”. This is a simplified program for citizens of Ukraine to obtain a humanitarian password in the United States.

Source: The Press Service of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States

Under this program, Ukrainians will have the right to enter the United States for up to 2 years and with a permit for employment.

“The Ukrainian applicants will need to undergo rigorous security vetting and checks, including biographic and biometric screening, and complete vaccinations and other public health requirements, including receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, to be eligible. Ukrainians were to be on the territory of Ukraine as of February 11.”

“This program will be fast. It will be streamlined. And it will ensure the United States honors its commitment to go to the people of Ukraine and (they) need not go through our southern border.”

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