Italy sees positive side to lifting visa regime for Ukraine, fears no migration threats

This position was confirmed in Rome by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincenzo Amendola during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine on European Integration Olena Zerkal on Wednesday, RFE/RL reports.
With the opening of borders for Ukrainians, Italian side does not see the threat of increasing migration flows from Ukraine, Ukrainian Ambassador in Rome, Yevhen Perelygin has told RFE/RL.
According to the ambassador, Ukraine is not a supplier of migrants in the amounts that, in contrast to flow from African countries, could worsen the internal situation in the country. Besides, the diplomat stressed that the Ukrainians who came to the Apennines, instead of creating problems, help stabilize the internal labor market, in particular in the field of social and domestic services to Italian families.
As for the aspect of the armed conflict in the Ukrainian east, Italy sees no threat in a potential increase of migrants as for the past two years, the number of illegal immigrants from Ukraine in the EU has not increased significantly, according to Perelygin. At the same time, there is a readmission agreement signed between Ukraine and the EU. The ambassador added that more that there is one million of IDPs from Donbas who remained in Ukraine instead of leaving for the EU member states. Finally, the ambassador says that a non-visa admission with biometric passports only will allow identifying illegal immigrants to send them back to Ukraine.
At the same time, Vincenzo Amendola confirmed the unchangeable position of the Italian side to continue sanctions against Russia until Moscow fully implements the Minsk agreements.
Western observers often refer Italy to the EU countries wishing to refrain from anti-Russian sanctions, taking into account the economic losses to the national economy.
As UaPosition reported earlier, on April 20, the European Commission stated that it has proposed the European Parliament and the Council of Europe to abolish visas for Ukrainian citizens, moving to Ukraine in the list of non-visa states.
This proposal was the result of the positive assessment by the European Commission in December last year, of Ukraine`s successful fulfillment of all the criteria of a visa liberalization action plan.
Once the proposal is approved, the citizens of Ukraine – holders of biometric passports – will require no visa for short-term trips (not more than 90 days within every 180 days), without the right to employment in the countries of the Schengen zone.

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