Italian Carabinieri begin training Ukrainian National Guard officers

Italian experts on the protection of public order launched a comprehensive training module on August 29 with the servicemen of the National Guard, according to the press service of the National Guard.

The four-week course will include mastering the basics of maintaining order on the country`s streets and covers patrolling inaccessible areas; rules and procedures for the detention of offenders and criminals; the order of citizens` appeals; the detention of dangerous criminals; and procedures during floods, natural disasters, and earthquakes.

The course is being offered at the training center in the village of Novi Petrivtsi of Kyiv region.

A total of 36 servicemen of the National Guard who are involved in the protection of public order, two lecturers on tactics at the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine, and two representatives of the town of Zolochiv participated in the drills.

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