Investigative team from the Netherlands collected evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands noted on December 3, 2022, that the Dutch forensic team of approximately 40 people has been working in Ukraine for the past weeks. It investigated war crimes committed by the Russian military. The investigators returned home with evidence that will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court.

Source: The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands

“The team did their job under harsh conditions. Among other things, they secured evidence, spoke to witnesses and conducted DNA testing,” noted the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

This is the second time a team from the Netherlands has worked in Ukraine. It also conducted an investigation in May of this year. Another visit of experts to Ukraine is planned for the spring of 2023.

“The investigation was certainly not without risk. Recently, the Russians have been very active in launching missile attacks across the country. With these investigations, the team makes an important contribution to the fight against violations of international law,” the Dutch Ministry of Defense said.

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