International mission starts delimiting Donbas buffer zone

An international mission consisting of representatives of Ukraine, Russia and OSCE on Saturday began the work on the delimitation of a buffer zone in Donbas, reads a statement posted on the website of Mariupol City Council.
“On October 4, the international mission begins its work in Mariupol,” reads the statement.
The international mission on the delimitation of the buffer zone arrived in Mariupol late on October 2. The group includes representatives of Ukraine, Russia and OSCE. The mission’s objectives are defining the borders of a 30-kilometer buffer zone that will separate the conflicting parties in accordance with the agreements reached in Minsk.
“Mariupol City Council organized a meeting of the mission’s representatives, their accommodation, and provided them with transport. Moreover, mission employees were given an office for work and all necessary office equipment,” the city council said.

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