“If You Win, The World Wins” – President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola to Ukraine’s President

On April 1 European Parliament President Roberta Metsola was in Kyiv to deliver a message of courage and hope to all Ukrainians defending their country

Source: Ukrainian President’s Office

The interlocutors discussed the coordination of European parliaments in support of Ukraine.

“I would like to sincerely thank you personally, Roberta, and all your team for the fact that at such an important moment for our country, when Ukrainians believe in deeds and concrete steps, you demonstrate heroism to come to Ukraine. And today it is heroism,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, adding that this visit is an important step in support of Ukrainians.

The President of Ukraine noted that the result of his previous phone conversations with Roberta Metsola was her appeal to members of the European Parliament and the world community to support Ukraine, and this is highly appreciated by the Ukrainian people.

“I come here not only to extend our continuing solidarity, not only to continue to work on the wordings of our resolutions where we welcome that your country Ukraine is part of our European family. You are us and we are you. But at the same time, you are also fighting our war, you are fighting for fundamental principles that this continent has for so many centuries defended. I also come here with the message of this is ‘the whatever it takes’ moment. So I would like to make sure that you have everything that you need in your hands for you to win this war. Because if you win, the world wins.


Let me make you three promises. First of all, Putin’s criminal invasion of his country brings Russia into a confrontation with Europe, the international community, and norms. This is something we won’t let you do without discussion. Secondly, the European Union recognizes the European ambitions of your country and its aspiration to be a candidate country to join the EU, you can count on the European Parliament giving its full support to achieve that goal. And thirdly, we are going to help you rebuild your cities and towns when this illegal, unprovoked, and unnecessary war is over. We are now providing financial, military, and humanitarian aid. It will continue and increase. We will care for their families who have been forced to flee until they can safely return home and rebuild their lives”- European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said.

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