If we don’t get weapons, we will fight with shovels, – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ukraine will continue to fight against Russia, even if the supply of Western weapons is stopped because this is a war for existence.

Source: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba 

According to him, no one in the West should believe that Ukrainians will be more willing to make concessions without arms.

“If we don’t get weapons, well, then we will fight with shovels, but we will defend ourselves because this war is a war for our existence,” the Ukrainian Foreign Minister stressed.

According to Kuleba, the sooner the West hands over weapons, the smaller Ukraine’s losses will be.

“If weapons are sent later, we will still say ‘thank you’ but then a lot will be wasted. The later they send us weapons, the more people will die and the more people will fall victim to Russian atrocities and the more Ukrainian territory will be conquered by Russians,” – added Kuleba.

Kuleba said Russian artillery outmatched Ukraine’s in Donbas 15 to 1, echoing statements several senior Ukrainian officials have made recently. Kyiv cannot win with such an imbalance of power.

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