If necessary, I’ll lie down and die”

Ukrainian aviatrix Nadia Savchenko communicated with special correspondent of Moskovsky Komsomolets Yeva Merkacheva.
Merkacheva herself wrote on Facebook.
“I spoke today with Ukrainian military aviatrix Nadezhda Savchenko. She is stiff, strong, with anger in her eyes. She is like a lone wolf for me. Incidentally, Nadezhda has neither husband nor children…”If it is necessary, I’ll lie down and die,” she even says so, as though she fires,” Merkacheva wrote.
According to her, Savchenko is “a soldier born and bred.” “I should be in Ukraine with those with whom I want, and do what I want … I was kidnapped and held in Russia illegally. (Pause.) So I want to yell at someone, and there is no one to yell at…” the Russian journalist quoted Savchenko.

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