ICC Chief called for the support of investigation of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

The President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Piotr Hofmanski called for international support for a court investigation into war crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine on October 21, 2022.

Source: The President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Piotr Hofmanski

The judge said it was the largest case the court had ever dealt with. He noted that there were hundreds of victims and possibly many perpetrators. Piotr Hofmanski emphasized that the current investigation was the largest for the International Criminal Court since its creation in 2003.

“Everything from the beginning is more complex, more difficult, and more costly, including the process of collecting evidence, security of victims, costs of travels, and so on,” said the President of the International Criminal Court.

ICC Chief appealed for the international partners as the investigation is expected to be long and require more resources.

According to Piotr Hofmanski, the ICC cannot seek cooperation with Russia, as this country has not ratified the international treaty governing the ICC. The question is whether a court can try Russia’s political and military leaders on the basis of evidence gathered in Ukraine.

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