IAEA testified that no one in Ukraine has created and would not create a “dirty bomb”

IAEA inspectors confirmed in its statement on November 3, 2022, that no one in Ukraine has created and would not create any “dirty bomb”. The organization’s mission visited all the objects that Russian representatives mentioned when they told their statements about the so-called “dirty bomb”.

Source: Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi

“Upon the request of the Government of Ukraine, I immediately dispatched inspectors to the three locations to carry out their indispensable technical and independent role in verifying the facts on the ground. Within days, they went there and conducted their safeguards activities, in challenging circumstances during the current conflict in Ukraine. Our technical and scientific evaluation of the results we have so far did not show any sign of undeclared nuclear activities and materials at these three locations,” emphasized the Director General of the IAEA.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also commented on the IAEA’s inspection of three locations in Ukraine.

“IAEA has checked 3 Ukrainian facilities in focus of Russian disinfo and found no evidence of any ‘dirty bombs’. I thank Rafael Grossi for IAEA’s excellent and prompt cooperation which helped counter Russian falsehoods. Russia has confirmed its status of the world’s top liar,” Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, Russia accused Ukraine of producing “dirty bombs”.

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